The Crescent Township Parks Board has a mission to provide all residents with a safe and enjoyable experience for the many parks and pavilions the township has to offer. The Parks Board is dedicated to assisting the Township Board of Commissioners to enhance the community’s opportunities in fulfilling their needs. The Parks Board offers advice and assistance to the Board of Commissioners on the development and wellbeing of parks in the Township.¬†

P- Participate in making it better with raising funds 

A- Achieve our goals each year 

R- Restore & renew equipment 

K- Keep clean and safe 

S- Share about our beautiful Parks 


The Crescent Township Parks Board will work together to maintain and grow our neighborhood parks, play lots, hockey deck and baseball field in an effort to grow Community pride and enhancing community relationships. 

It will further provide experience to be enjoyed by families, friends and build relationships in our neighborhoods with affordable park rentals and to bring revenue in to the township.